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Look at this Little Thing!

All kinds of awesome miniature and tiny things to look at!

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Jun 14 '11

And who is this little guy? It’s a little toy car (next to a bright shiny American quarter for size)! Vroom!

And another top, and a hip-hop dog trying to be cool.

A pile of the whole take (including a toy plane and another hand stamp, this one in Russian).

And a big mess.

(Click here for the whole set on Flickr if yo uwant to see the pics a bit bigger.)

I hope you enjoyed this foray into the world of Kinder Surprise Eggs. If you ever get one with something awesomely cool inside, send me a note with a picture, I’d love to post it!

Many many thanks to all our new followers! Yippee!

Jun 14 '11

Here is the start of the Giant Kinder Egg demolition! The giant egg had seven Kinder eggs inside. You take the eggs out of their foil and break open the chocolate, and there is a pill-like case inside, which holds the pieces of the toy, usually that you have to put together.  So far we’ve got a little hand that is actually a stamp that says “Hello” in Greek. And a cute spinning top that looks really pretty when it spins.

The full flickr set is here if the photoset isn’t working for you.  More in the next post!