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Look at this Little Thing!

All kinds of awesome miniature and tiny things to look at!
Aug 17 '13


Sunken Miniature World

Divers exploring a ruined model city sitting forgotten on the seabed – in this case the Mediterranean off the French Riviera.

According to diver and photographer Michal Krzysztofowicz, the miniature city supposedly dates to the 1950s, when French filmmakers were experimenting with underwater videography techniques. Needing a set to shoot on, they installed the miniature buildings, said to be around a metre high.

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Needs a pineapple and The Krusty Krab, don’t you think?

Aug 16 '13


Leah will never stop impressing me! :)

Aug 15 '13


Oslo-based Norwegian artist Benedicte Lyssand creates intricately detailed miniature sculptures of ordinary people for her series titled Minorities. Each tiny, metallic figure is engaged in an often laborious activity that utilizes objects found in our normal lives.

Aug 14 '13


Ever seen a book the size of a ladybug?

The book, measuring 0.138 inches square and 0.04 inches thick, is one of more than 4,000 miniature books in the collection at the University of Iowa library.

The librarians put this book under a microscope and discovered that the text inside was the first chapter of the King James version of Genesis.

Read more in Rebecca J. Rosen’s article in the Atlantic.

Images by Colleen Theisen

Aug 13 '13


Missions in Miniature.

Aug 12 '13


Incredibly Elaborate Miniature Fairy Castle

This elaborate miniature house was created in the 1930s by silent film star Colleen Moore. The Fairy Castle is filled with remarkable miniatures and artifacts and is a timeless reminder of the imagination, ingenuity and craftsmanship of cultures and artisans all over the world. It became a permanent exhibit when it was donated to the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago in 1949. The 9-square-foot castle features about 1,500 miniatures and cost nearly $500,000 at the time it was created. The tiny treasures, include:

  • A painting done by Walt Disney himself, along with a dozen other pieces of original artwork from various artists
  • The tiniest Bible ever to be written, dating back to 1840
  • The dining room contains a replica of King Arthur’s round table
  • Three statues of the Goddess Isis, more than 4,000 years old, in the Great Hall
Aug 11 '13


From artist Aki Inomata, this is a series of 3D printed crab shells designed with buildings and cityscapes on them. 

Aug 10 '13


I dressed my cat, Sir Didymus, up as Thor, to match my favorite “Thor Cat” print by artist Jenny Parks. The mini-Mjolnir and shoulder-thingies (uh, technical terms) were printed on our PrintrBot Jr. 3D printer.

Although he looks miserable, he was actually fine with the ordeal since I put a lot of catnip on his Mjolnir.

If 3D printing isn’t for turning your cats into mini superheroes than what the heck *IS* it for?