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Look at this Little Thing!

All kinds of awesome miniature and tiny things to look at!
Oct 30 '13

I am just now learning the Chupa Chups makes a chocolate ball with a toy inside. How cute is that panda though?

Also, that kangaroo is cute but I’d be kinda miffed if I bought a princess-y kinder surprise egg and didn’t get a princess. Them’s the breaks, though (not every toy is the branded/series toy).

Oct 29 '13


Sometimes when I get reallllllly bored.

I try to make the tiniest little things I can. 

Oct 28 '13


Incredible Castella preperation table by Teresa of

please do not remove the source

Oct 27 '13
Pop up matchbox sarcophagus
Small World Land Blog

Pop up matchbox sarcophagus

Small World Land Blog

Oct 26 '13
Oct 25 '13
Oct 24 '13


Dorothy Loses

Vic Delirium

1:160th scale sculpture

Hand-painted polystyrene, resin, and wood.

Almost ready for the Bemis Fall show. Still working on the tiny details.

Oct 23 '13