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Look at this Little Thing!

All kinds of awesome miniature and tiny things to look at!
Jan 18 '13

Cheerio Randy’s Donuts by Phil Jones


Cheerio Randy’s Donuts by Phil Jones


Jan 17 '13


Roadside America is still around and still owned and operated by the Geiringer family. Their OUR STORY page provides some more history and some neat videos featuring the miniature village in action. 
Jan 16 '13


Miniature stained ivory sewing casket containing a genuine 14th - 15th Century thimble. Dimensions 60mm Width x 30mm Depth x 40mm Height.

Jan 15 '13

Dollhouse inside a guitar, made by Fairy Meadows Miniatures for her daughter.

Jan 14 '13


This project was an overdue Christmas present from last year for my girlfriend. She loves miniatures and the movie The Borrower Arrietty, which featured a pretty remarkable doll house. So that was the jumping off point. The interiors and exteriors are all based on memories, locations, and possessions we shared together.

Inside the house are about nine rooms. Everything is made mostly of illustration board, paper, and some wood. Though certain furniture used Sculpey, foam, and cotton. All the color is gouache, acrylic, and colored pencil.

Jan 13 '13


These are all from Corinne Vegter, a lovely and talented artist from eastern Oregon.  These are from a show we did with her in the second Benjamin Benjamin Gallery space back when we were in Hood River.   One of my favorite shows we ever did, her ceramic trailers are so American, so timeless, so much fun.  

Corinne is always busy, so visit her website to keep up with her events, and buy her one of a kind art.  

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Jan 12 '13

My grandma collects miniature shoes


My grandma collects miniature shoes

Jan 11 '13