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Look at this Little Thing!

All kinds of awesome miniature and tiny things to look at!
May 26 '14


A one of a kind large Altoids tin koi pond is now available on eBay!

It features two koi fish (one black and white, one calico), a turtle, and a frog, all hand sculpted from polymer clay. It also has some underwater plants, stones, and a crushed slate substrate.

The eBay listing is now live. Good luck to those bidding! :)

May 25 '14


This is UH. MAY. ZING.


Playdoh for adults (who like to pretend-cook)…. creepy stuff…

(1) It’s NOT EDIBLE.
(2) It’s a Japanese toy called Konapun.
(3) It’s not for children under 8 years old. And must do play under the adult.
(4) The fake food made of Konapun will rot soon.
(5) It doesn’t cook with actual heat. It is just powder and water.

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May 25 '14


RRcherrypie being his usual magical self

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May 24 '14


It’s FOOD SCIENCE FUN TIME in the form of MINIATURE CANDY SUSHI YOU MAKE YOURSELF this is the most mesmerizing amazing thing aaaaaaaugh even though I know the underlying principles it is still magical and does this file under my undying love of *fake* food if you can still *eat* it???

In honor of, I’m not really sure, just feeling happy that he exists I guess? I am reblogging a bunch of rrcherrypie videos which show him making all kinds of fun japanese food/candy/toys.

May 24 '14


i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

People still apparently frightened by magic, film at 11.

I have about twice as many followers as I did two years ago when I first posted this video, thus, I am reblogging. And hereby saying that IT. IS. THE. BEST. MAGIC.

Some more rrcherrypie vids to come, as Japan makes some amazing toys of this nature and you should all see them.

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May 23 '14


Wiry Limbs, Paper Backs by  Terry Border

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May 23 '14


Book sculpture by Malena Valcarcel

May 22 '14