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Look at this Little Thing!

All kinds of awesome miniature and tiny things to look at!
Aug 18 '14


Another experiment with resin, 3 Ponyos in buckets. The biggest bucket contains fish and starfish as well as Ponyo.

The buckets, the Ponyos and the fish are all made of polymer clay and the water is made from resin.

Aug 18 '14


boxes and dioramas

Aug 17 '14


Paper artist Anja Markiewicz folds these impossibly small origami pieces using sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width. Many more examples here.



Kağıt sanatçı Anja Markiewicz genişlikte bir inç daha küçük kağıt sayfaları kullanarak bu inanılmayacak kadar küçük parçalar origami katlanabilir. Daha birçok örnek burada .

Aug 17 '14


Every day for the past three and a half years, Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya has created, photographed and posted a fun diorama for his project Miniature Calendar.

Aug 16 '14


Finnish visual artist Emilia, of EmiliasCreations, makes awesomely adorable miniature animals using polymer clay. She also loves to work on custom orders.

Visit EmiliasCreations on Etsy to check out more of her completely kawaii creations.

[via sosuperawesome]

(Source: sosuperawesome)

Aug 16 '14



Sculptures made from Honeybees and Porcelain by Aganetha Dyck


Aug 15 '14


Woodridge, IL-based veteran LEGO builder Matt De Lanoy created this awesomely detailed LEGO model of Springfield, USA, hometown of The Simpsons. At a glance it appears that Matt thought of everything. We can see the Simpsons’ house, Ned Flanders’ house, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary School, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Krusty Burger, the Kwik-e-Mart, The Android’s Dungeon, Springfield Town Square, and even the Stonecutter Lodge and the Springfield Tire Fire. He also included all the proper minifigs and vehicles too. It’s a geektastic tribute to a wonderfully weird town.

Be sure to visit Matt De Lanoy’s Flickr page for many more shots of his spectacular LEGO Springfield.

[via Nerd Approved and Kotaku]

Aug 15 '14


Home Sweet Home

Usually plastic and the environment do not go hand in hand, but artist Aki Inomata uses plastic to create an environment for her little pet hermit crabs in “Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs?” (2009, 2010-2013).

With the help of CT scanning to render a three-dimensional model of an empty shell, Inomata creates her base and then builds houses atop these shell renderings. These architectural wonders mimic the style of popular dwellings, from Tokyo house-style to Paris apartments. 

With these plastic hermit crab habitats, Inomata wanted to explore not only the hermit crab’s adaptability to new surroundings, but how we adapt as well. Immigration, relocation, even acquiring a new identity or nationality is more or less the human version of growing out of a shell, and finding a new one to call ‘home’.

Not only is this series an amazing symbolic representation of our will to adapt, but also a fun way to learn more about the life and physiology of the hermit crab, as the dwellings are completely see-through. Have you ever wondered what a hermit crab’s body looks like inside its shell?

A video of both the hermit crabs in action and how the artist came about designing the shells can be found here.

-Anna Paluch